Cosmetic Fillings

For tooth-colored fillings we focus on the long-term health of your teeth and mouth, while considering the aesthetic value of a beautiful smile.  We use tooth-colored composite dental fillings to help maintain the natural look of your teeth.  Fillings help prevent further decay while preserving original tooth structure.

Tooth-colored Fillings

Patients who want a more natural-looking smile may consider replacing older metal fillings with tooth-colored composite ones where appropriate. Metal fillings contract and expand with hot and cold, leaving patients susceptible to recurrent decay. Newer fillings, made from composite resins and porcelain, can restore unsightly older ones and avoid any leaking mercury. Many people are surprised how natural their teeth can look—even a tooth once covered by old-fashioned silver amalgams.


As noted by the American Dental Association, composite fillings offer functional advantages as well as cosmetic ones: they withstand moderate chewing pressure, making them durable and resistant to fractures. In addition, when preparing the tooth, composite fillings allow our dentist to preserve more original tooth structure than amalgam fillings do, resulting in a smaller filling overall. Also, composite fillings can allow for the least aggressive tooth repair, since the material bonds so effectively in a cavity.


Unlike amalgam, composite dental fillings do not contain mercury. Composite fillings are a mixture of glass and quartz in a resin medium. This mixture provides the adhesive and natural-looking material that blends with patients’ teeth. White composite fillings look almost indistinguishable from tooth enamel, which is a great option for the front of your teeth and other suitable placements.


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